SignBlazer06 Software /Cutters Price List     

    SignBlazer Prices:      Mike 0418151829
    	Signblazer \6.0 Elements (All Available Cutter Drivers)    				No Longer Available
	Signblazer \6.0 (Standard level including scanning & vectorizing) 			Traded Copies Only   
    	Signblazer \6.0 Pro (top vinyl cutting level) includes 600mm wide RIP       		Traded Copies Only                                  
    	Signblazer \6.0 Hotshot (Pro + Special Effects)                        			$Call inc gst (Traded Copies) 
    	Windows 7 and Windows 8 Patch Disk and Support						$286.00 inc gst and standard postage   
   Cutter Prices:  
  	DGI Omega OM-60 (590mm wide cut)                               				Approx $3,000.00 plus gst 
        DGI Omega OM-70 (620mm wide cut)                                			$Call
    	DGI Omega OM-80 (750mm wide cut)  	(Includes stand)           			$Call   
    	DGI Omega OM-100 (1002mm wide cut)     	(Includes stand)        			$Call    
    	DGI Omega OM-150 (1520mm wide cut)     	(Includes stand)                 		$Call    
    	Roland GX-24 	(24" servo motor drive - Includes Basic Software)    			Less than $2700 inc gst     
    	Roland GX-300   (30" servo motor drive - Includes Stand)             			$Call us
	Roland GX-500	(48" servo motor drive - Includes Stand)				$Call us   

	All we can offer here is the Windows 7 & Windows 8 Patch Disk with Support for $286.00 inc postage    	
Manuals & Font Books:  

      Learning Guides $66.00  inc gst. Font Books  $55.00 Inc gst			
	Please Phone Mike 0418151829